Chuquiragua Lodge and Spa

Explore, laugh, hike

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Some great amenities you'll find here

Just 43 KM away from Quito

Free Wi-Fi

Only in the restaurant. Enjoy your favorite online shows, play online games and connect to your loved ones while you have fun.

In House Restaurant

Amazing restaurant with a great variety of dishes. We offer almost every single Ecuadorian dish with different sides.


Host private parties, chat with your loved ones and meet new people. No matter what you'd like to do, we've got you covered

Free Parking

You'll probably need a car to get here and we are aware of it. Enjoy free parking on our premises for as many cars as your party needs.

Pets allowed

We love our furry friends as much as you do. That's why we allow pets in our property. Just make sure to clean after them =)

Did we miss anything?

With so many amenities, we may have missed something. If you have any questions Contact Us


Enjoy multiple activities

Horse back riding

Horse Back Riding

We offer horse riding for children and adults.

  • Available for children and adults
  • Planned trips
  • Beautiful sightseeing
Cycling and Bicycle rental

Cycling and Bicycle rental

Amazing for families and groups that would like to explore the surroundings.

  • Group rental
  • Explore the surroundings
  • Beautiful sightseeing


Ever wanted to just walk and forget about everything? This is your opportunity to do it

  • Guided hiking tours
  • Explore Ecuador's unique flaura and fauna
  • Right next to the mountains


Celebrate private parties and events in our property, just cintact us and we will make sure to make a great event for you and your loved ones.

  • Contact Us
  • We arrange what you need
  • We'll have everything ready for you to enjoy

Wet Zones

Including Spa, Jacuzzi, Sauna and Steam room. Just more amenities so you can relax after your adventures in this beautiful country.

  • Front desk reservation
  • Unique massages
  • Feng Shui decorated spa

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  • Amazing Amenities
  • Luxurious
  • Great for Honey Moons

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